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How to make money with Twitter!

I have just discovered a away to make money from your Twitter account.

I was reading a blog post on another internet marketer site and thought I would share it with my readers to.

OK first I will say I will make no money from you joining, this is purely for your benefit and not mine.

There is a new system that has Twitter approval that allows you to get paid for advertisers to tweet to your followers.

The amount you get paid will depend on the amount of followers you have, for example I have a new account with only around 2000 followers, so their system say I should charge $5 per tweet or 0.15c per click. Not bad really, so if you have a large following you will get paid even more. However if you have a small followering then look at the rest of my Tweeter posts to find out how to increase your following quickly.

Here is a screen shot of the system:

This has justed launch so get in for Free now and lets see what happens:

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